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It gets worse before it gets better.

Some will lie to you and tell you salvation comes easy. That all your troubles will instantly come to an end and this gets many of us feeling like there’s something wrong with them when the road gets bumpy as it usually does. Yes things actually does get better in the spiritual realm you start winning..You cease being spiritually dead, from inside you start feeling alive. But it takes time to manifest in the physical realm as that requires you to first mature in faith.

So for a moment looking from the outside your world might start shaking, things could all of a sudden begin to fall apart. And if you weren’t prepared psychologically for an attack you might quit before you take your first step.

So I’m here to tell you that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. There are few reasons as to why this happens…

First, your faith could be under test to see if you truly mean what you confessed with your mouth, if you truly believe that God is able to deliver and set free, then no matter how strong the storm might get, you won’t be shaken. But if you’re deceiving yourself and God, the moment you get your first blow it will get you spinning in the won’t be able to defend your faith because you’re not firmly founded.

The second reason could be that you are being to trained to relinquish control. You can’t really trust God if you want to control every step of your life. So a storm might come to help you let go of what you’re trying to hold firmly. This way you learn total surrender..and in as much as this doesn’t usually come easy for most of us..once we learn how to let go..we get to enjoy the freedom that comes with putting our hope and trust in the mighty hand of God. But if we keep clinging to what we know or how we expect things to turn out, if we keep leaning on our own understanding we are likely to miss out on God’s promise of great and mighty things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard. So my advice if the faster we Learn to let go of our stronghold the faster it will be for the storm to calm down and the peace of Christ to manifest in our lives.

The other reason when we get shaken the moment we decide to turn around and follow Christ is the fact that the old has to go and the new has to come. See, the new won’t come until the old has gone. Trust me every brick that you’ve used to build your life with that doesn’t agree with the new that is to come, will start falling one by one, every rotten bone will be plucked off and it won’t be pretty. Every dry bone has to undergo rebirth. Until the diamond in the rough shines bright, you will have to endure the fire that refines it. This is the most difficult part, because you literally watch everything you’ve known fade away,, you watch friends disappear because you no longer make them comfortable. If you’ve gained wealth in a dishonest way, it suddenly start catching up with you,, you’ll have to loose every penny that wasn’t gained in the right way,,a new foundation can’t built on the old has to wine can’t be put inside the old wineskin. You’ll be put through the same kind of tests that you’d failed before to see if you’ll make different choices. And that’s what we call a second chance. If you’ve lied before, you’ll be presented with the same situation and expected to be honest..if you were unkind you will be given another opportunity to be kind. You simply can’t afford to be the same. So there’s a cost to be paid and yes, it must be paid.

Last but not the least, the devil isn’t usually happy when the angels are celebrating in Heaven when you give your life to Christ. So definitely he will come roaring, he will try to scare and threaten you, he will mock everything you do. But one good thing about this is, it’s actually not your battle to fight, this is not your cost to pay,,, surrender it to Jesus and He will fight for you.

With all that said and done I’d like to say that, being a believer doesn’t mean we suddenly get everything right, sometimes we miss the steps that are right infront of us, sometimes we stumble and fall…but what really matters is sticking to the fight no matter what, refusing to give up no matter how huge the defeat could feel like..making up our minds that we will trust God for better for worse.



Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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