At my end, HE IS.

I know myself,
I know my weakenesses,
I know my limits,
but if that’s all I knew despair would be the end of me.
I know more than myself, I know a HELPER who lives in me,  I know the SPIRIT of infinite strength resides in these very weak bones of mine.
I know that when my weakenesses are at their best ready to consume me whole, , in that very moment a WARRIOR pushes me back and takes the front line of the battle and fights for me.
I know that when I have reached my limit, when I have no other direction to turn to,,there is ONE who never lets my knees stay on the ground longer than they should..He’d rather move the immovable mountains or part the stubborn seas if He has to, to make sure I am not without a way.
At the end of me, HE IS.

Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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