Cross + Resurrection. (Easter)

Holy Trinity at work!

Jesus, thank you for the Cross.
Thank you for the miracle of grace.
You took my sins and shame
And gave me your righteousness.

My heart is convinced,
That I’ll never find this kind of love anywhere else, 
Who could die for someone like me?
But you did, you gave up everything.
You surrendered your authority,
You submitted your power,
You bowed your head and said “it is finished!”
And in that moment my soul was freed.
In that moment the one who was called a slave became an heir of the Kingdom.
In that moment all my infirmities broke loose and all the dry bones came to life.

My “thank you” is the least I can do.
There’s nothing I can do to repay you,
Still you don’t look at me like I owe you anything.
Even when I prove myself undeserving of your love.
You still look at me the same,
With so much love in your eyes.
You still hold me the same,
With so much warmth in your embrace.
This kind of love no words can describe.

I have an image of you at the cross in my mind,
The place I run to at my lowest point, 
I sit there at the foot of the cross,
And look up to you.
There I’m reminded of the price you paid, of the love I can’t ignore and of the purpose I can’t forsake.
I find strength to get back up and keep going no matter how hard life could get.
All because of the power of the cross.
From ages ago, that power still manifests in mighty ways in the lives of Your sons and daughters.

Thank you for carrying the cross that I was supposed to carry.
Thank you for the shame you took from me.
Thank you for the sicknesses you paid by your stripes.
Thank you for the crown of thorns to make me royalty like you.
Thank you for your blood that paid the price for my soul.
Thank you for dying that I might live.
Thank you for resurrecting that I might resurrect too because you defeated death.

You found me when I was lost
You turned my darkness into light,
I was hopeless but you gave me hope,
My days were numbered but you gave me eternity,
I had no place to call home, but you became a home to me.
My heart finds peace in knowing I have you.
You’re my destination,  you’re my purpose.
When you opened my eyes to your light, my search for gold ended,  You’re my treasure.
My life found meaning when you found me.

Jesus, Thank you for the Cross and resurrection. Thank you for grace. My life is forever transformed!

Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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