In Awe of You!

He got up from the meal!

St. John 13:4 so he got up from the meal,  took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist.

I wonder how many times Jesus had to stop the world to tend to the needs of His dear children .How many times He had to stop and say “hold on a little,  this can babies need me”. How many times He had to think of us and push His own needs aside. Is it the mountains that He wouldn’t move? Is it the rivers that He wouldn’t part? Or is it crashing waves He wouldn’t still? I’m convinced that He would stop the sun if He had to….the one who left the perfect Heaven to come to a miserable world, would do anything to save His own. The Great shepherd would tear down the lions, the bears and the wolves in split second to rescue His sheep.

He got up from the meal…He couldn’t wait to finish eating first. He didn’t say ” “I’m hungry, let me eat first then I’ll wash their feet afterwards” How selfless is that?

Isn’t He the same Jesus,  the son of God,  the prince of Heaven?. In Heaven angels bowed before Him and worshipped Him in reverence. In Heaven He was surrounded by the glory of His Father. But what did He do when the father sent Him..did He say “I can’t leave all this glory and go down there to be a nobody whom people hate, persecute,  reject and ends up killing in the most humiliating way possible!” No! He left all that glory behind and accepted to step into earth,  not as the King He is,  but as a little, vulnerable human baby..not of the King or of a very wealthy, noble person in the society but of a carpenter and an unpopular little virgin girl…and if that’s not enough humility…the first place that the Son of the Maker of Heaven and earth lied was in manger. Do you get the point really? He planned all this..It didn’t just happen to’s not the kind of things we say ” He didn’t have a choice…No no no! He’s the Alpha and Omega..He choose to come to earth in the most humble way possible. In that way, He could easily relate to the humans He had come to save. He thought of us first,  everything He did was so that He can save us. he didn’t care about His comfort on earth but of the lost souls that needed to be found.

The list goes on and on about how Jesus truly showed His love for us. He judged no one even though He was Holy and  blameless. He only loved, then loved some more and loved again and again..and that wasn’t because the people He had sacrificed so much for..welcomed Him on earth with hugs and!..those brats couldn’t wait to kill Him…but He still loved them because the only kind of love He knew was the unconditional love. They thought they were killing Him not knowing that they had no power or authority to do so…and that if He hadn’t given up that power and authority and laid down His life..they couldn’t have gotten anywhere near Him leave alone touch Him. If Elijah summoned fire from Heaven to consume those who pursued Him..How much more would the Son of God have punished them? But because Jesus came down for this very reason…so that He can die for our sins..the greatest form of love possible..for one to lay down His life for another person.. and in this case He didn’t die for just one person,  not even for just those who loved Him, no! Our Jesus went to the cross to die for everybody, those who were there in those days and everybody who will ever step their feet on earth. Everybody! All our sins were wiped away and we were given a clean slate.

Our freedom is in Him who paid the price, and so He calls us to believe in Him so that we can live in that freedom, else, apart from Him we will be held captive by the same sins He defeated at the Cross..but with Him, our freedom is eternal..sin has no power and death had no sting! Grace and abundant grace is our portion forever and ever Amen!

Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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