Salvation.Power. Kingdom.Authority

Revelation 12:10 Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: “Now have come the salvation and the power and the kingdom of our God, and the authority of his Messiah. For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who accuses them before our God day and night, has been hurled down.

“At the cross the work was finished. How many times do we often forget that? Why do we tend to forget what matters the most? Maybe that’s what the enemy wants us to do. To forget that we are the privileged ones,  we’re the children of the promise,  we are loved beyond measure,  that we are under grace and not law..that what Christ paid for us at the cross wasn’t the half price..he didn’t say there’s anything else left for us to be owed. No! With His own life and blood , He ransomed us from sin..He said it is finished!
To the devil this is a lost battle and he knows it, , so what he does is to make us forget that we’re victors not victims. He has no power or authority over us but if he can make us forget about the power and authority bestowed upon us by our beloved saviour, then he can appear to be winning…he thrives on that,  false hope..his fate is already set.

So my brothers and sisters in Christ I’m here today to remind you that if you have accepted the salvation of Christ,  you get so much more than forgiveness of sins,  You get Power, a lot of it (the same power that resurrected Christ from the dead). You get Authority to triumph over serpent and scorpion..(the devil and all his demons) When we hear of snakes and scorpions we might think just about the physical,  the safety of our flesh but we all know that this is not a battle of flesh and blood..God is more concerned about our the power and authority we were given is over the enemy and his agents, over the kingdom of darkness.

In times of law,  the enemy had power over us because being the accuser of brethren in an era where sin had power because of law…he was surely having a good time. There was no hope for people during that time..the law was perfect,  the problem is that people aren’t perfect.. They are bound to fall short once in a while..but law being perfect expected perfect for it to could only work for perfect people else it was enslaving them and they had no power over it. Once broken law demanded blood for atonement is sins without which resulted to death. It must have been hard to live like that. Law made it so much easier for satan to accuse people,  to torment them for their shortcomings and make them feel guilty even for things they has no control over, law understood no weaknesses, it knew no mercy, , , you either do or die.

But God being a loving Father, saw it not fit for man to keep living like that. Being so merciful and compassionate He decided to redeem us and give us new era of freedom.He decided to bring down His Kingdom here on earth. He’s perfect and that’s why law was was intended to bring righteousness upon us so as to bring us closer to our make who desired a relationship with us…but having been tried and failed law had to go. So our Father took it upon Himself to do what we were unable to do..He sent His son (God Himself in flesh) to come and fulfill the law..unless the law was fulfilled a new era would not have been introduced because every word that comes forth from the mouth of God shall not return to Him void, it must fulfill it’s purpose and so Jesus fulfilled the law as God had intended it to be fulfilled. He did so much more than just fulfill the law, ,  He introduced something so much better than law through which man shall be saved and be made righteous,  He gave freely what no human deserved.. He brought forth a new era of grace and  gave himself up as a sacrifice for the new covenant which we’re now under,  the covenant which was once promised to Abraham to be fulfilled through his seed and Jesus is the seed.

Now sin has no power and death has no sting. In that instant even the little power that the enemy thought he had was taken away from him. Because what will he accuse us of then is sin has been rendered powerless over us because of grace which was poured in abundance upon the world. If death was defeated what then will he threaten us with? It was a great loss for the enemy on that day,  He was wounded in a way he can never recover. The people that he initially tormented were now freed,  no longer slaves and if that wasn’t enough threat for him..they were given power and authority over him. The thought of that must have driven him crazy..instantly when he least expected it, , there at the cross as he laughed in mockery thinking that God had failed to do what he had promised..there at the cross filled with pride watching the son of man anguished in pain..he thought he had pinned him there,  he thought he had won…not until the curtains were torn apart and the glory of God was revealed for the whole world to see…If there was a set up,  satan just set himself up. In the blink of an eye everything had changed and man would never be same again..souls were freed from the realm of darkness and the kingdom of darkness was under attack they weren’t prepared for in any way or form. They were robbed all the power and authority and that power was given back to men..see that power and authority was once ours given unto us by God at the garden of eden but we give it up due to sin..but God had yet again restored to us what was rightfully ours.

What a victory! But sometimes I feel like we just don’t fully grasps the concept of what transpired on that day ,  because if we did we would never stop singing songs of praises to our God for what He did for us. If we did,  we wouldn’t be walking around as if we have the weight of the whole world on our shoulders,  we wouldn’t be acting as if we’re still slaves. We wouldn’t let the enemy mess with our power and authority which God worked so hard for us to attain.

Let’s rise brethrens. We have power and dominion. The only power that satan has is the one we give him through our ignorance and fear..else he stands defeated. We are here to celebrate the victory of cross by living in that freedom given unto us. Let’s refuse to be slaves,  let’s refuse to fear what has no power or authority over us. Satan might be having some power but we have the authority of Christ..and power without authority is useless..authority is capable of undermining power of any form. Let’s therefore put on that authority and walk as kings and queens as we are without any fear. Let’s not be intimidated by empty threats of the enemy, rather let’s wages a war against Him with bravery and confidence, maybe then he will be reminded whom we belong to.(The lion of the tribe of Judah)

God bless you.

Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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