Lightly Child, Lightly.

Lightly Child, lightly.

I’m aware of the pressures of this world..

So many things you wish you could figure out…

Deadlines to be met, 

Places to go,

…dreams to be achieved.

…and the clock seems to be unaware of it all.

If only you could fly, perhaps you would catch up,

…but two tiny feet are all you’ve got,

…and one step at a time is all you can take.

So lightly Child,  Lightly, calm your heart and exhale.

You can’t live a thousand years in one day.

Life wasn’t meant to be figured out but to be lived,

…so live now because now is all you’ve got.

Yesterday ran out time and tomorrow we can only hope for,

…but today, today belongs to us to live the best that we possibly can,

…not entangled with the past or worried about the future.

Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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