It’s my turn now.

Ever been used to not getting what you want?

Ever wondered when will it be your turn to get what you want?

Well you’re not the only one.

Sometimes it feels like that’s all I know. I’m either a little too early or a little too late.

Everything I’m chasing after seems to be flying while I’m stuck on the ground.

It’s as if I’m surrounded by ten million different colors but none matching mine.

I watch people get what they want and I can’t help but wonder,  what’s the trick? Because it’s a concept I can’t seem to master.

I know we don’t always get what we want but it’s different when you get used to not getting what you want. It’s so easy to forget what you even want in the first place. You could be tempted to think that it’s not that important after all. And without even knowing it, your life becomes all about what everyone wants and never about what you actually want. It’s a dangerous path to find yourself in, but it’s a very common phenomenon.

Ever found yourself trying to make a decision and you’re considering every party involved except one..which is “you”? You factor out how everyone will be affected by the outcome but forget to include yourself?

This got me thinking about knowing when to say Yes and when to say No. I came to a realization that both “Yes” and “No” carry the same weight. They are equal answers. I don’t know if it’s just me but when it comes to saying Yes,  everybody seems to be all cool about it…but when I say “No” I usually get the urge to give a reason or an excuse or some kind of an explanation to make it feel like a satisfying answer.

In a world where everyone is different from the other,You would expect people to be a bit more comfortable with hearing “No” as an answer. Yes we have similarities,  but you can agree with me that if we’re being honest we all have different paths,we have different dreams and like the sun there’s only one of us in the entire universe. If that’s not reason enough to normalise our differences I don’t know what is. Perhaps it’s because everybody wants everybody to be like them, think like them, even act like them which is not fair…it’s like expecting milk from a chicken or eggs from a cow?

If we’re ever gonna live our lives following our hearts and our own paths we need to learn and get used to hearing “No” and most importantly saying ” No” and meaning it while we’re at it.

We shouldn’t feel guilty for saying “No” and if I’m not wrong most of the times, the answer is “No” when we remember to include ourselves in the brackets. When we remember to ask ourselves if that’s what we really want or are we just getting along with it to make everybody happy.

In conclusion I’d like to remind anyone who can relate with what am saying is that; When you offer love and you should, don’t forget to have some left for you. You’re just as important as the people you care about. Your feelings matter, your ideas are valid and your dreams deserve a chance to be pursued. Just as you listen, you deserve to be heard and understood. You don’t always have to be the last I the list, sometimes let it be about you, do what makes you smile more even if that means making somebody else a little uncomfortable. If they really care about you as you do them, then doing what makes you happy shouldn’t cause a fuss at all.

Last but not the least is; If you’re waiting for someone to stand up for you, prepare to be waiting forever…no one will and you know what? it’s not their fault because they probably don’t know what’s in your mind and heart. No one knows you like you know yourself, so if you can’t stand up for what you believe in, don’t you think it’s kind of unrealistic and unfair to expect someone else to do for you what you can’t do for yourself? I believe that only God can do that, and He would also require you to be proactive about your life because no matter how much He loves you, as Pastor Steven Furtick would put it, “He can’t “possess the promised land for you” . Some things, only you can do, and you have all it takes..just be true to who you’re and believe in yourself to make your dreams come true.

Thanks for reading and be blessed.


Published by Hildahkarimi

Daughter of God.

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