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Be Patient.

Patience isn’t something that comes naturally to me, but I have come to understand how valuable it is. There are some things that we can’t fully grasp in a day or a week or even a month. Sometimes it might even take years to understand why you had to wait. What you saw then wasContinue reading “Be Patient.”


Cross + Resurrection. (Easter)

Jesus, thank you for the Cross.Thank you for the miracle of grace.You took my sins and shameAnd gave me your righteousness. My heart is convinced, That I’ll never find this kind of love anywhere else, Who could die for someone like me?But you did, you gave up everything.You surrendered your authority, You submitted your power, YouContinue reading “Cross + Resurrection. (Easter)”

Don’t waste love. Believe and accept.

The best thing to ever happen to me is to be loved unconditionally by the maker of the universe.There’s nothing special that I did,  He did it all for me.I did not need any silver or gold…just me and my empty hands. And I can walk like I own the world, with my head heldContinue reading “Don’t waste love. Believe and accept.”