At my end, HE IS.

I know myself,
I know my weakenesses,
I know my limits,
but if that’s all I knew despair would be the end of me.
I know more than myself, I know a HELPER who lives in me,  I know the SPIRIT of infinite strength resides in these very weak bones of mine.
I know that when my weakenesses are at their best ready to consume me whole, , in that very moment a WARRIOR pushes me back and takes the front line of the battle and fights for me.
I know that when I have reached my limit, when I have no other direction to turn to,,there is ONE who never lets my knees stay on the ground longer than they should..He’d rather move the immovable mountains or part the stubborn seas if He has to, to make sure I am not without a way.
At the end of me, HE IS.

The eyes of a dreamer.

Eyes are capable of narrating stories that the mouth lack words to express and the heart too naive to fathom…but eyes..eyes have no secrets neither are they complicated..they tell the story as blunt as it is…we can only pretend not to notice..we pretend until we are convinced that it’s not true..but the truth lies in their still,,we can run from it, but we can’t hide because everytime we peek through the eyes, we’re reminded of a world full of possibilities, most of which scare the hell out of us.

We don’t stop.

The power of resilience..once we start, we don’t stop until we’re done…

We fall, then we rise…

The bruises don’t hold us back…

The sweat and tears don’t blur our focus…

The pain and heartache don’t kill our spirit…

We stray, we find our way back on track…

We bend but we don’t break…we burn to ashes but like the phoenix that we are, we gather ourselves back to life and keep going…

We keep moving even if it mean crawling…anything to get us to the finish line..

Just to hear the voice of the father say “well done child,  you have fought the good fight, welcome to my rest”

Proverbs 24:16 for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again, but the wicked stumble when calamity strikes

Turn the other cheek.

I somehow thought that turning the other cheek only applies only for the slap but now I understand there’s more to it. You don’t have to be slapped in order to turn the other cheek. Sometimes you will be knocked down, you will be pushed, you will be looked with contempt, you will be gossipped, you will be judged, you will be hated simply for existing. And you will be expected to turn the other cheek.How?? Just keep being you and ignore them, I know it hurts but so does the slap…so don’t dwell on that because the hurt doesn’t last forever. You don’t need to get back at them, they don’t need to hear a piece of your mind, they don’t need a taste of their own medicine, , they don’t need to feel exactly how they made you feel…if you act like them, you will only be stooping to their level. So just let it go, focus on your life, on what makes you happy and ignore the distractions..and pray for them that come against you, the ones that hate to see your beautiful smile,, and don’t forget to keep smiling.

When you master the art of being unbothered by those that aren’t for you, , , nothing they will do will hurt you anymore..after all, the are doing what they do best and that has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. You will just smile, turn the other way and keep moving.

By turning the other cheek you become invincible , you render all their attacks powerless, incapable of shaking you. Only the wise will understand, but a fool will be busy looking for an opportunity to strike back. A wise person will get an opportunity to get back at their enemies and they will choose mercy, they will choose kindness because they understand that revenge doesn’t empower but rather makes you the same as the ones you wouldn’t want to be like..and because being better means doing better otherwise we will all be the same, just that some get more opportunities to they appear worse.

Only the strong would be brave enough to turn the other cheek. It’s not for the weak. Only the humble would be smart enough to let it go, the arrogant wouldn’t understand. Only the wise would see the trap ahead and walk on the side, the fools would walk blindly into it and be trapped by their own folly.

It gets better.

For every night even the darkest ones, there’s a new day that awaits on the other end. For every winter there’s summer that awaits.Even the rainy day don’t last forever, the sun always comes up eventually.

Everything in life has it season so stop worrying that your tears will last forever, a time will come when the joy that awaits can’t wait one more second. Your sorrows will be a thing of the past. The storm will eventually be calmed, the winds will cease and bliss will overwhelm you.

Sometimes it gets worse before it starts getting better…and maybe that’s the only way it could ever get better. It’s like taking a step back to get a clear shot..or like bending to jump, the lower you’re willing to go the higher you’re likely to jump..but if you stand still, you won’t jump at all.

“The greatest weapon”

The greatest weapon to any attack of the enemy is found in mastering the power of
You Must Know, Believe and proclaim with confidence what is written in the word of God.
That’s how we possess the breath of God and His power and authority that no demon, no witchcraft, no weapon fashioned against us can withstand.
For even when we pray, we pray according to the word, for it is not our will but the Will of God that we seek to be fulfilled.

“How I fight my battles”

Knees on the ground,
Hands to the sky,
Face bowed,
Eyes closed,
Heart broken,
Soul searching,
Spirit Praying,
This is how I fight my battles.
The only way I know how to.
In the physical it might seem like I’m doing nothing,  but in the spiritual realm I’m calling out for a thousand army of angels.
In the physical it might look like I’m surrounded, but in the spiritual realm, The Lion of the tribe of Judah is roaring, The Prince is Heaven is lifting His mighty hand ready to strike,  and by the moment I say Amen,  I’ll will hear a loud cry from the enemy.
And by the time I open my eyes,  I will hear My Father saying it is Finished.

It gets worse before it gets better.

Some will lie to you and tell you salvation comes easy. That all your troubles will instantly come to an end and this gets many of us feeling like there’s something wrong with them when the road gets bumpy as it usually does. Yes things actually does get better in the spiritual realm you start winning..You cease being spiritually dead, from inside you start feeling alive. But it takes time to manifest in the physical realm as that requires you to first mature in faith.

So for a moment looking from the outside your world might start shaking, things could all of a sudden begin to fall apart. And if you weren’t prepared psychologically for an attack you might quit before you take your first step.

So I’m here to tell you that sometimes it gets worse before it gets better. There are few reasons as to why this happens…

First, your faith could be under test to see if you truly mean what you confessed with your mouth, if you truly believe that God is able to deliver and set free, then no matter how strong the storm might get, you won’t be shaken. But if you’re deceiving yourself and God, the moment you get your first blow it will get you spinning in the won’t be able to defend your faith because you’re not firmly founded.

The second reason could be that you are being to trained to relinquish control. You can’t really trust God if you want to control every step of your life. So a storm might come to help you let go of what you’re trying to hold firmly. This way you learn total surrender..and in as much as this doesn’t usually come easy for most of us..once we learn how to let go..we get to enjoy the freedom that comes with putting our hope and trust in the mighty hand of God. But if we keep clinging to what we know or how we expect things to turn out, if we keep leaning on our own understanding we are likely to miss out on God’s promise of great and mighty things that no eye has seen and no ear has heard. So my advice if the faster we Learn to let go of our stronghold the faster it will be for the storm to calm down and the peace of Christ to manifest in our lives.

The other reason when we get shaken the moment we decide to turn around and follow Christ is the fact that the old has to go and the new has to come. See, the new won’t come until the old has gone. Trust me every brick that you’ve used to build your life with that doesn’t agree with the new that is to come, will start falling one by one, every rotten bone will be plucked off and it won’t be pretty. Every dry bone has to undergo rebirth. Until the diamond in the rough shines bright, you will have to endure the fire that refines it. This is the most difficult part, because you literally watch everything you’ve known fade away,, you watch friends disappear because you no longer make them comfortable. If you’ve gained wealth in a dishonest way, it suddenly start catching up with you,, you’ll have to loose every penny that wasn’t gained in the right way,,a new foundation can’t built on the old has to wine can’t be put inside the old wineskin. You’ll be put through the same kind of tests that you’d failed before to see if you’ll make different choices. And that’s what we call a second chance. If you’ve lied before, you’ll be presented with the same situation and expected to be honest..if you were unkind you will be given another opportunity to be kind. You simply can’t afford to be the same. So there’s a cost to be paid and yes, it must be paid.

Last but not the least, the devil isn’t usually happy when the angels are celebrating in Heaven when you give your life to Christ. So definitely he will come roaring, he will try to scare and threaten you, he will mock everything you do. But one good thing about this is, it’s actually not your battle to fight, this is not your cost to pay,,, surrender it to Jesus and He will fight for you.

With all that said and done I’d like to say that, being a believer doesn’t mean we suddenly get everything right, sometimes we miss the steps that are right infront of us, sometimes we stumble and fall…but what really matters is sticking to the fight no matter what, refusing to give up no matter how huge the defeat could feel like..making up our minds that we will trust God for better for worse.


Our good actions cannot measure up to God’s blessings!

Somehow we find ourselves thinking that God is very moved by our good actions, I believe He usually is, but the problem comes in when we think that He blesses us because of the good that we do.. that get us working so hard to try and earn His blessings. We work so hard, we do everything right..I mean we give till we’re left with nothing more to give, we never miss a Sunday service, we help those in need, we love others, we forgive and the list goes on and on. Now we sit back and expect blessings to overflow because clearly now in our mindset we deserve it!! We start feeling entitled, we get upset and angry at God when things don’t work out just as we’d expected..we start thinking that God owes us.

It’s so easy to find yourself in that situation and chances are we don’t usually realize just how misguided we are. If your good deeds makes you proud and arrogant in the eyes of God,you might just not get what you want from Him. God is mostly moved by humility.. that’s why even someone what hasn’t done as much good..goes before Him in humility, knowing that He doesn’t deserve anything from God will easily get God’s attention than the one who thinks He has done enough acts to finally earn God’s blessings.

We easily forget that in as much as God requires us to be good, it’s because that should be our nature and not a way to earn anything from Him. What He gives our deeds cannot get close to earning. Like how much do you think you could have paid Him for His Son to die for our sins?? It’s impossible..that why I’m convinced God isn’t moved by a heart that thinks that they can somehow earn His blessings.

We don’t have to do anything for God to bless us, we just believe that He’s loving,kind and merciful to favour us with His blessings. His loving-kindness isn’t based on human desire or effort but by His nature.. He’s a sovereign God so we should be careful we don’t start thinking that somehow He does exactly what we tell Him to do..He does what He pleases so maybe when we’re humble enough we will move His heart.

Keep doing good, follow His commands but understand even to stand firm in our faith takes His hand and not our effort. Let God bless you because He’s God and He’s a good Father not because of what you’ve done…if He wants to bless you for your deeds, nothing will stop Him because He sees everything that you do. In that way we won’t be seeking to share His glory, for everything He does we will glorify Him fully knowing it’s not because of what we’ve done but because of who He is.

Romans 9:15 For he says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”
Romans 9:16 It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.

What the future holds?

Sometimes I just sit in my room and just wish Jesus would just sit right beside me and tell me what to do, how to do, when to do.. everything and the details involved. I wish He could just literally hold my hand as I walk the streets of the earth and tell me when and where to turn when I feel lost. I wish He could answer all my questions and show me what the future holds. I just wish it could be that simple. But then again I think about how disastrous that could be.. And then I think that there must be a reason why the all knowing God doesn’t think that that would be a good idea.

We wish He could show us every detail but would we really learn to trust? Or rather would we really follow His directions? It has never been easy for anybody because we have an enemy who’s always opposing us, simply because God loves us a lil bit more…

When God says strong waves are coming, the storm is around the corner, when He says we’re in the valley of the shadow of death, when He says we’re barely in the middle of the climb,,, would we keep on walking? would we keep on climbing? Or would we be discouraged and give up? Would we trust Him to be with us no matter what we may go through? Would we trust that in as much as some mountains will be moved out of our ways there are others that we will have to climb so that we might understand the power of God to deliver.

God withholds the details of our future for a reason… sometimes we’re better off not knowing what will happen tomorrow so that we can trust that no matter how tomorrow will look like, God promises to be with us and that all things works for good to those who love Him. Some answers that we so desperately seek to know aren’t as pleasant as we imagine they would be, some would break our hearts and cause us to fear, some would make us give up because we’re still in the flesh. But if we trust we strength our faith and our spirit and hence able to overcome what the enemy may be planning against us through the help of God…whose power is made greater in our lives through our faith.

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