“How I fight my battles”

Knees on the ground,Hands to the sky,Face bowed,Eyes closed,Heart broken,Soul searching,Spirit Praying,This is how I fight my battles.The only way I know how to.In the physical it might seem like I’m doing nothing,  but in the spiritual realm I’m calling out for a thousand army of angels.In the physical it might look like I’m surrounded,Continue reading ““How I fight my battles””

It gets worse before it gets better.

Some will lie to you and tell you salvation comes easy. That all your troubles will instantly come to an end and this gets many of us feeling like there’s something wrong with them when the road gets bumpy as it usually does. Yes things actually does get better in the spiritual realm you startContinue reading “It gets worse before it gets better.”

Our good actions cannot measure up to God’s blessings!

Somehow we find ourselves thinking that God is very moved by our good actions, I believe He usually is, but the problem comes in when we think that He blesses us because of the good that we do.. that get us working so hard to try and earn His blessings. We work so hard, weContinue reading “Our good actions cannot measure up to God’s blessings!”

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